Wednesday, January 5, 2011


None may deny the fact that Carlos Tevez is indeed a brilliant player and an effortless footballer who has proved his mettle over the years. But even more interesting is his off the field antics which get heavy media attention. Right from his physical fights with fellow team members to his constant arguments with his manager, nothing is a secret when it is about Carlos. He played for the Boca Juniors between 2001and 2004.

His way of leaving the club was very noisy indeed when he stated that the press in Argentina is simply ruthless and wild. He and his family are not getting the privacy they desired fro. He later on joined the Corinthians and was with the club between 2005 and 2006. This time round he was on a strike post fighting with one and all, right from a physical argument with some members to even arguments with the head coach and Club President. He then represented the team West Ham, 2006 to 2007. Here his stay was even shorter with Carlos being outraged at being substituted. He even went AWOL against Argentina.

Next up was Manchester United where he stayed 2007-2009. Here too, he complained of fatigue, being over played in the first season. Later on he stated of being underplayed in the second season as opposed to his previous season claims. he scored a mere five goals on the overall , though he was given more playing time then Fernando Torres who is also the season’s third most prolific scorer this season.

He later on moved to Manchester City where he was for the season of 2009. Now he complained of being homesick and tired wishing to retire so he could spend more time with his family and friends. In the mean time he continuously states one thing. He is known to famously state of his love for a club that he is just about to kiss good bye and a love for the supporters of that team. None the less all the crap is only being taken by the teams for the sheer fact that he is a world class player who can be unstop[able on his day.

In the mean while Newcastle continue their golden run at home and seem very much undefeatable what after even Liverpool wasn’t able to stand their might recently.
Talking something that is not related to football is a macabre story of a middle-aged man. He castrated the testacies of a fifty seven year old after he found out at his seventeen years old daughter was going out with him.

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